Sean Spicer says he 'absolutely' regrets crowd-size briefing


"Both in person and around the world", said Spicer to applause from a surprised and confused audience.

"Yeah. I know you think that is a picture of me kissing Sean Spicer".

Sean Spicer's playful, glamorous appearance at last night's Emmy Awards, and his being honored as a Visiting Fellow at Harvard's Kennedy School (the honorific which the Central Intelligence Agency vetoed for Chelsea Manning), has prompted a mix of shock and indignation.

Spicer, in a late-night show following his resignation, said that interaction in the briefing room was not "probably the best start". After being introduced by host Stephen Colbert, the 45-year-old - who quit his role in July - poked fun at disproved claims about Mr Trump's inauguration attracting the largest-ever audience.

The Washington Post's Fact Checker gave Spicer four pinocchios.

Spicer often sparred with reporters during his tenure, and resigned after a disagreement with the president over the hiring of Anthony Scaramucci as communications director. Those same Bush officials responsible for the most horrific crimes are now beloved by numerous same circles which, today, are expressing such righteous rage that Sean Spicer is allowed onto the Emmy stage and a classroom at Harvard.

One reason for the ratings crash was so many Floridians still without power - only "50 of 56 markets reporting due to the aftermath of Hurricane Irma hitting Florida last week".

Nearly eight months to the day, Sean Spicer now says he regrets criticizing news reports that accurately showed President Donald Trump's inauguration crowd was significantly smaller than that of President Barack Obama. Spicer announced, over the cheers of the Emmy attendees.

But many critics on Twitter were less pleased than those in Hollywood.

Many viewed his appearance as an attempt to "normalize" a public figure who repeatedly and largely unrepentantly lied on behalf of Trump.

On Kimmel's show on Wednesday, Spicer made a joke when Kimmel asked whether crowd size was what Spicer had wanted to talk about.