Apple admits its new Watch 3 is borked


What do you think of the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE issues?

The increase in performance is evident when you first pair the Series 3 (GPS) with your iPhone. So if you're an AT&T Unlimited Plus or AT&T Unlimited Choice customer, your Apple Watch Series 3 data will also be unlimited, but if you're on an AT&T Mobile Share Advantage plan, the data from the Watch will count against your monthly bucket. All of your previous Apple Watch straps will still work with the new smartwatch.

Reviews of the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus hit Tuesday morning and there seems to be one common theme: hold off for the iPhone X. At this stage, Apple's own Podcasts app doesn't support streaming over LTE.

I can do without the Toy Story Watch face, but it's bound to appeal to a lot of younger Apple Watch owners. Playing to Fitbit's strengths, the Ionic is also a champ at fitness-tracking functions thanks to a robust set of sensors that facilitate more detailed data collection than rivals (including Apple Watch).

If you don't want to stream, you do have the option to sync music with watchOS 4 from local music stored on your phone. Hiking is one of my favorite workouts, and I've always felt like my Apple Watch fell short compared to other Global Positioning System trackers that tracked elevation changes. LTE aside, there's little or nothing here that justifies the price of upgrade over last year's model. Even when tied to the phone, Series 3 offers improvement such as tracking elevation, so you get credit for climbing stairs or jogging up a hill.

I chased up on this and Apple told me that the problem only lies in Wi-Fi spots that use captive portals - places like Starbucks that require a sign-in.

In the meantime, there's a workaround: Get your phone to "forget" the errant Wi-Fi network.

In addition, the hand-off issue sounds intermittent at most.

The Series 3 is fast. The battery remains the biggest limitation, and the Watch still needs more and better apps, and a simpler interface. Tap pause in the Now Playing window on the Watch, and the podcast or song on your phone will pause automatically.

"Audio quality for phone calls on the watch is very good", Gruber wrote. And those moments of waiting or wondering add up, and eventually convince you to reach for your phone instead. Watches will show up on Friday, Sept. 22, and users are going to have a frustrating experience right out of the box. But, when I went for walks with just the watch, it was pretty fun. I also accessed Siri while connected only to the phone's LTE connection, Like Goode, my Siri connection initially failed for me.

I could check things on Apple's apps, but third-party apps wouldn't always work. Again, I'd hope so. I can swipe through the apps or use the Digital Crown to find what I'm looking for, and everything is arranged alphabetically.

But with Apple admitting to problems even before launch, we'll have to see how the watch fares in the market.