Final Fantasy 15 Universe Trailer Hints At More Free Story Content


Final Fantasy XV dominated last year's holiday season, and impressively, the game's managed to stay relevant throughout 2017. Starting October 31, players will set foot as a survivor from the Kingsglaive to find out more about the disappearance of Noctis after the events in Chapter 13 from the main game.

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV is set for release worldwide on November 21. Players will get to team up with up to three friends for multiplayer missions or take on solo quests, all as their own custom avatar. Single player levels will also be made available to let players strengthen their Comrades characters. Players will take on these quests as a member of the Kingsglaive and will be equipped with royal sigils that grant special powers from the Lucian kings. You'll even get to play as Noctis' companions: Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus. Along with the upcoming DLC, Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition will also see the vaunted franchise come to PC in early 2018.

Comrades will be a paid expansion, available solo for an undisclosed price or included for players who bought a Season Pass for the game.

Watch the Final Fantasy XV Universe trailer below for a look at some of the additional story content.