Here's your first look at Square Enix's Left Alive


That ties into the survival nature of the game, with an emphasis on third-person shooting and laying down traps in the environment. The focus seems to have shifted from the mechs - or Wanzers, as they're cutely known in Front Mission's universe - onto the player characters, with no mech customisation but the promise of crafting for weapons.

"When we initially started the Left Alive project, we consulted with Hideo Kojima, Kenichiro Imaizumi, and Yoji Shinkawa, and got their consent".

Left Alive is due on PC in 2018, and development is thought to be 50 percent complete.

Square Enix announced Left Alive at Sony Interactive Entertainment's press conference at Tokyo Game Show, but they didn't really show much besides a brief teaser.

As you may have spotted in the header image above, the Metal Gear series character designer Yoji Shinkawa is involved too-forming a team which will "join forces to create Left Alive's dark and gritty world".

Square Enix says more information will be revealed over the course of TGS. Now we know a bit more, courtesy of Famitsu.