How to customize Control Center in iOS 11 to your liking


You can still turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in Control Center, but you just can't turn them fully off from there.

But security researchers warn that users might not realize this and, as a outcome, could leave Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on without noticing. According to them, not everyone is aware of this and will use Control Center to disconnect from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, not realizing they left them on.

You can choose from as many as 17 different functions - from accessibility shortcuts to Wallet - to add to your Control Centre setup, giving you easy access (just swipe up) to some vital iPhone functions. It's a bit convoluted for the average user who thinks they are toggling the radio off completely when they tap on the Control Center icon, though. These important operations include AirPlay, AirDrop, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch, Continuity features like Handoff, Instant Hotspot and other operations like Location Services.

The main controls for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on Apple's newly launched iOS 11 software can not actually be used to turn those features off. To turn on the feature, head over to Settings Do Not Disturb and click Activate Do Not Disturb While Driving.

Early adopters of Apple iOS 11 are unable to send Microsoft-provided email using the native Mail app.

You connect to a Wi-Fi network in Settings Wi-Fi. Below that, you have sliders for screen brightness and volume-the new look of those will take some getting used to.

It's 5 AM local time. Fortunately, there is still a way to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth altogether. Retrieving the password from the device and sharing through text message is also not the most preferred option for those want to share their network at home or office connections.

While Apple has done extensive hardware and software testing before rolling out its new products, reviewers have found a serious problem with the way the Apple Watch Series 3 handles Wi-Fi connectivity, The Verge reports.

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