Central Intelligence Agency profiles North Korea's Kim Jong Un


Choe Son Hui, director-general of the North American department at North Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is slated to meet with Oleg Burmistrov, the Russian ambassador at large in charge of the North Korean nuclear issue.

Ms Choe's visit comes as Russian Federation attempt to diffuse tensions on the world stage after Kim Jong-un's henchmen accused President Trump of declaring war on North Korea. "The consequences would be devastating not just for the Korean peninsula but for north east Asia and indeed for the whole worldwide community".

Both Russia and China have called for calm amid fears Kim and President Trump could drag the world into a conflict on the peninsula.

The rogue nation's officials went on to claim his tweet was a "declaration of war" - and stated the country now has the right to shoot down USA bombers, even if they are not flying over North Korean airspace.

"It is hard for me to propose investors to buy Korean equities as a buying opportunity even if they fall on North Korea risks today, as no one knows whether it would be the bottom or could fall further", Noh Keun Hwan, strategist at Korea Investment & Securities, said by phone.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders dismissed the notion of the USA having declared war as "absurd" however, telling journalists in Washington "Our goal is still the same: peaceful denuclearisation of North Korea through maximum diplomatic and economic measures".

White House spokeswomen Sarah Sanders said that the U.S. hasn't "declared war on North Korea" and called the suggestion "absurd".