Man arrested after 'train surfing' in Australia


- An Australia woman captured the moment a man made a decision to forego paying his train fare, opting instead to cling to the back of the train for a ride.

Motorists on a road running parallel to the track saw the man, 23, clinging to a windscreen wiper and one took video footage.

A 23-year-old man was arrested after allegedly "train surfing" over the weekend in Australia.

The train was moving at a speed of 70 mph (110 km per hour).

Stone noted that the train was travelling at about 110km per hour, which is nearly 70mph, and the same as the speed limit on the Mitchell Freeway, the road they were traveling on.

Mr Hynes of PTA said the man would face trespass charges. Police were waiting at the next stop and arrested the man.

PTA spokesman David Hyne said: "In all other instances it generally goes up on Facebook or on the internet, on YouTube after the event".

It was the first time a train surfer was caught in the act.

Minister of Transport Rita Saffioti said the incident will be investigated, along with why the train was allowed to continue its journey towards the station after the man was spotted, according to ABC News.