Supergirl has found its Saturn Girl


Amy Jackson has been cast as Saturn Girl of the Legion of Super-Heroes for the third season of CW's Supergirl.

In the show, Saturn Girl, aka Imra Ardeen, was born on Saturn's moon, Titan, and arrives on Earth to help out Supergirl with her telekinetic powers.

This marks the first US screen role for the British-born Bollywood star, who will make her debut as Imra Ardeen (better known as Saturn Girl), the kind-hearted, intelligent, and strong-willed hero who uses her telekinetic abilities for good. She went on become the founder of the Legion of Super-Heroes and was the first female to lead a comic book super-team. The news suggests that Supergirl will soon introduce new threats via time travel, though it could be that this version of Saturn Girl is from the present. Maybe this is a sign that the Legion of Super-Heroes is about to make a big entrance. Last year's big bad, Rhea, was killed at the end of last season, so she's out.

A different A.J. - Alexz Johnson - played Saturn Girl in the Smallville episode "Legion". In one episode of Supergirl, a Legion Flight Ring can be spotted in the Fortress of Solitude.

Returning to The CW on Monday, October 9th at 8 p.m. ET/PT, Supergirl stars Melissa Benoist in the title role, David Harewood as Martian Manhunter, Mehcad Brooks as Jimmy Olsen, Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers and Jeremy Jordan as Winn Schott, with appearances by Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant and Tyler Hoechlin as Superman.