Dustin Martin opens up on Bruce McAvaney's 'creepy' Brownlow Medal interview


Richmond gun Dustin Martin says Channel Seven commentator Bruce McAvaney "gave him a fright" as he lingered on his shoulder at the Brownlow Medal ceremony on Monday night.

Martin, who was the hot favourite for the award, was McAvaney's number one target and was front and centre on the camera and microphone as the presenter attached himself for a large part of the night.

In a loaded question to the Tigers superstar, Sam Newman asked how he handled "spooky" and "creepy" McAvaney throughout the night where he was interviewed and toasted by McAvaney on the Brownlow stage inside the Crown Casino.

'I said mate, if you win the Brownlow Medal, you can have it for the weekend, ' Newman revealed on the Footy Show on Thursday night.

Martin suggested earlier this year that Newman take him for a ride in the luxury sports vehicle if he won the prestigious Brownlow Medal.

"He just popped up out of nowhere, he gave me a bit of a fright", he said. It was quite scary.

"I probably would have if I was pissed", he said.

'I don't know if you know what this means, but he said "I would do chap laps",' Newman said.

'Dustin, I'm a man of my word, ' he said.

The Tigers will go in as underdogs when they battle the Adelaide Crows in the Grand Final at the MCG on Saturday.

"And I said what would you do with it?"

'It means I would drive it up and down Chapel Street.