Big Concerns Heading Into WWE Hell In A Cell 2017


Nakamura came out and responded to Renee Young's questions with some cliché's and proverbs. Nakamura almost fended off the attack, but the numbers game proved to be too much.

The Singh Brothers distracted Nakamura long enough to allow Mahal to sneak into the ring and attack Nakamura from behind.

The three of them beat Nakamura down and...what is accomplished exactly? Charlotte and Becky take the villains down with a double baseball slide and we take a way too early break. A running knee to the head drops Natalya again and a suplex gives Charlotte two.

Natalya took advantage of a distraction caused by her team-mate Carmella, who hit Becky Lynch in the back with her Money in the Bank briefcase, to put Flair in the sharpshooter just five days before they meet at Hell in a Cell.

Long recap of Shane vs. Kevin. Roode won with a Glorious DDT in less than a minute.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Bobby Roode in a storyline about ring entrances as much as anything? Dolph plays an air horn and throws some confetti too before asking if everyone likes him now.

If Owens lives up to his promise of tossing McMahon off the top of the cell, consider that ante upped.

Every time these two teams compete, they make history.

There are admirable touches throughout the night, like Sami Zayn telling Shane that he has no idea what he's getting into, and the Usos and New Day injecting their feud with the right balance of hatred and respect.

Corbin looks to suplex Dillinger, but it is countered into a small package that steals the quick victory.

Last week, Tye Dillinger and Baron Corbin squared off and thanks to Corbin throwing Dillinger into AJ Styles (who was at the announce table doing guest commentary), Corbin won by count-out.

Some breast cancer survivors are presented with pink WWE Championships.

English starts to gain momentum but after he comes off the ropes, Orton pops him up in the air and hits him with an RKO.

Result: Randy Orton b.

The exhausted slog of Randy Orton vs. Rusev? Shane is older and slower than he once was, while Owens is only 33, and arguably in the greatest shape of his career. Shane basically blows him off.

Jinder Mahal and Shinsuke Nakamura will battle for the WWE Championship in what feels like the third- or fourth-most important match of the Hell in a Cell card Sunday night, thanks to underwhelming creative output and an unfathomable reliance on race-based jokes. Nakamura says that he doesn't care about the very bad insults Jinder Mahal has been throwing his way over the past few weeks and of course, he says that he is going to capture the title at Hell in a Cell.

WWE will have its ninth "Hell in a Cell" this Sunday, Oct. 8, at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, Cageside Seats reports, and one of the matches that are anticipated is between Owens and McMahon. Owens then appears in the stands and McMahon chases him into the lobby area of the arena. Fans: "THIS IS AWESOME!" The two brawled until Owens delivered the same head-butt he used on Vince McMahon and followed with the Pop-Up Powerbomb to end the show.