Crawfordsville officer fires shot at actor filming robbery scene for movie


When Crawfordsville police arrived, they observed a suspect in a ski mask carrying what appeared to be a gun, state police say.

Bodycam video from Crawfordsville, Indiana shows the moment an officer fired at a man he thought was robbing a business last week. Duff was one of two actors playing out the scene with prop guns and ski masks, though the other one was still inside the building when the officer approached with his body-cam rolling.

The problem was that Sgt. Matt Schroeter, who was responding to the incident, had no idea the man he saw holding a weapon and backing out of the bar wasn't an actual criminal.

"He was the only person that backed out, the only one that came out and he was in a ski mask and holding a weapon".

Police can be heard ordering Duff to drop the gun, but the actor doesn't comply.

Video of the incident has now been released.

Duff then dropped the gun and took off his mask before telling officers that he was filming for a movie, the MailOnline reported.

"We're doing a movie!" the actor shouts, his hands in the air.

Duff dropped the gun and kept repeating that they were filming a movie. It didn't help that the other actors and filming equipment were inside the business, making it hard to know that a movie was being shot.

Duff kept telling officers that they were filming a movie scene as he was ordered to get down on the ground.

The officer then orders him to get on the ground.

An investigation by Indiana State Police revealed that Montgomery County Movies production was shooting a scene at the brewing company.

When police arrived at the scene there were no signs that a film was being shot as all of the equipment, cast and crew were inside the bar.

No charges were filed in connection with the case.

Crawfordsville Assistant Police Chief Jim Sessions said the officers involved in the shooting are on their days off.