In face of Las Vegas shooting, congressional inaction


Kelly said. "Imagine the confusion for first responders if they arrived on the scene to a bunch of civilians wielding their own guns, attempting to return fire?" "I know that he has sometimes reacted the way the vast majority of us have reacted which is with absolute consternation about this kind of gun violence and I hope he comes back to that", Raskin said. Trump did not mention firearms during his remarks earlier Monday after a gunman in Las Vegas and killed 58 people and injured at least 515 others. In fact, before the Las Vegas shootings, the House was scheduled to discuss legislation as soon as this week on a bill that would relax restrictions on obtaining gun silencers. Republicans had been upbeat about prospects for legislation, but votes on both measures seemed unlikely.

Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords raised her fist at the Capitol and said "the nation is counting on you" after the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas.

"What Congress can do - what Congress must do - is pass laws that keep our citizens safe", Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY said on the Senate floor. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., whose statement saying "It's time for Congress to get off its ass and do something" generated a firestorm on social media.

The mother of a 6-year-old child killed in the Sandy Hook shooting blamed Congress for not taking a stronger stand on weapons and said gun violence happens in "EVERY zip code". It is something that has become commonplace after mass shootings in America. He was fatally shot, but there have been conflicting reports of the circumstances of his death.

Besides the silencer measure, House GOP leaders had been moving forward with a bill to allow people with concealed-carry permits to take their weapons to other states.

In an interview with The Associated Press last month, he said Congress needs to fund mental health reforms.

As they absorbed the aftershocks of the worst mass shooting in USA history, about 150 people organized by Moms Demand Action and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence convened Monday evening in front of Alexandria City Hall for an candle light vigil and press conference.

"This incident is so bad and so many people's lives are lost, and for anybody to have this stack of weaponry, automatic, really, weapons of war that can fire 400 yards and kill people, some of us are going to next week hopefully get together and talk a little bit about this", the California senator said.

Since the attack, several members of Congress have called on fellow leaders to take action. Sen.

"We don't have to live like this", freshman Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin told reporters shortly following an appearance at a Capitol Hill press conference Monday afternoon. Kelly asked, rejecting pro-gun claims that it's insensitive to talk about gun control after a mass shooting.

"I know this feeling of heartbreak and horror too well".