Nominated on Day 2 in the House Besides Big Fights


The enmity between Shilpa and Vikas seems to be dated back to the first episode when the producer Vikas Gupta and actress Shilpa Shinde had got into a verbal fight. During this, he calls Benafsha fake and she gets mighty pissed. He asked Akaash why it is so weird that he has embraced the feminine side of himself. Will he consider his mother weak because she is a woman?

Everyone now joined at the dinner table where Akash reveals 1 positive and 1 negative point about his co-contestants.

Later that night, Vikas also told Akaash that one day he will thank him one day for showing him the right path. A new video posted on the show's Twitter account showed the contestants taken aback after Bigg Boss' announcement that it would be an open nomination. The very fact that Vikas and Shilpa Shinde have been brought together in the same season proves that they need some solid content from within the house. Hiten nominates Zubair for the adult joke cracked by him and also Puneesh for his lowlight profile in the house. And while Shilpa almost cried by the end of the process as all her face was covered with the red nomination stamps, Jyoti was called "mannerless" by many.

Although, each of the celebrities is motor-mouthed, but its particularly TV producer Vikas Gupta who's meddling with the housemates for one or the other reasons.

Using the power, padosis saved Hina and nominated Arshi Khan and Bandgi Kalra. Jyoti picks Benafsha and Hina as her nominations and Akaash nominates Shivani and Priyank.

Sapna Chaudhary's profession: We all know about Sapna's profession and where she use to dance and sing in front of lakhs of Gujjar's and Haryana people.

Things are getting heated up in the #BB11 house. Expect no confession room scenario - the nominations will happen in the living room area, where the contestants will physically mark each other with a stamp.

As per the norm, contestants would have to submit two other contestants' names whom they want to see evicted from the show.