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Jeremy Lin #7 of the Brooklyn Nets looks on in the first half against the Miami Heat during their Pre Season game at Barclays Center on October 5, 2017 in the Brooklyn Borough of New York City.

"Do I need to remind this damn boy his last name is Lin?".

Pretty hilarious from K-Mart, seems like some solid low-level roasting but Jeremy Lin has thought a lot about this and came back with a very Ivy League comeback to Martin's post, politely pointing out the fact that Martin has Chinese tattoos.

"So I feel like even when some people come at me like 'Man, you embarrassed him.' It's like dude, that's not what it's about". There's no way possible he would've made it on one of our teams with that bullshit going on on his head.

"Come on, man. Somebody really need to tell him, like, 'Alright bro, we get it".

I suggest you read the entire thing because for once we can be certain that the player is the actual author of the piece. "But the last name is Lin".

Jeremy Lin has responded to Kenyon Martin's comments about his hair. "You definitely don't have to like my hair and (are) definitely entitled to your opinion", Lin wrote. Actually i legit grateful you sharin it tbh. And I think as minorities, the more we appreciate each other's cultures, the more we influence mainstream society.

'Thanks for everything you did for the nets and hoops.had your poster up on my wall growin up, ' Lin said.

In Yao Ming's book "A Life In Two Worlds", the Chinese star translated the tattoos and said "His letters mean, "Not aggressive" or 'indecisive.' " Anyone who has seen Kenyon play knows he isn't like that". Before I got older and had a family and kids and all of that, I wanted to be able to say to myself, Who cares what anyone else thinks? . Grow up people. It was a joke.

"When I first signed in Brooklyn, I remember talking to Rondae (Hollis-Jefferson) about hair". That don't mean I have to agree with it. ...

Lin had a team-high 16 points in the Nets' win Thursday.

Lin, who shot to fame and spawned the term "Linsanity" during a hot streak with the Knicks in 2012, offered a measured response on Instagram.

Yet again, Lin has responded to the controversy with the grace and intelligence you'd expect from a Harvard graduate, saying that the whole thing isn't about winning or losing, but about coming together to make a difference. 'We need more empathy, more compassion and less judgment. The whole point is that we're trying to be unified.

"He might have a different viewpoint in a week, but not if my whole fan base comes and starts calling him - I didn't see it, but I heard people were saying the n-word on his page". That's not what I stand for and that's not helping us move in the direction new want to move in.

"My job is to be gracious and loving". If African Americans are able to be passionate about issues that aren't just related to African Americans, I think we'll see something big start to happen. "If I can share with him a little bit of my side, the next time, maybe he'll have a different viewpoint".

'I may not have gotten it right with my idea to get dreads.