Man with Explosives was Captured at an Airport in Sweden


The German national, said to be in his 20s, was pictured being led away by police at Landvetter airport in Switzerland (pictured above after a separate incident earlier this year) after apparently setting off airport scanners while trying to get on a flight on Thursday.

The man was passing through security control on Thursday morning at Landvetter Airport when the screening showed "something explosive", police spokesperson Peter Adlersson told AFP.

Police reportedly found two cans containing a brown liquid and a third containing a white liquid which are now being tested, according to the local newspaper Göteborgs-posten.

But after testing the suspicious substances, police said there was no evidence a crime had taken place and released him.

He was travelling to another European Union country, said police, but was seized while attempting to go through the security checks for domestic departures.

The man had been arrested on suspicion of "attempted public destruction", the public prosecutor's office said in a statement.

He has been denied bail and remains in custody.

The local newspaper Goteborgs-Posten wrote that the man was a German citizen and that luggage had acetone peroxide.

It was used to make the suicide vests used during the 2015 Paris attack, and again in the rucksack bomb that killed 22 during the Manchester Arena bombing.

Swedish police did not confirm that TATP was discovered in the man's bag. The material caused a house to explode one day before the terror attack in Barcelona Aug. 17. "Even if I did I would not say it".