Google's Pixel 2 faces market headwinds


That's the case because unlike the other "true wireless" options out there, the chord here with the Pixel Buds means the two are communicating via the wired connection - as opposed to wireless.

Google launched its Pixel 2 smartphones this week, going back to a model rarely seen since the early days of the iPhone: It made the phones exclusive to Verizon Wireless (though unlocked versions are available at the Google Store online).

Google vice president Rick Osterloh said Google's new devices are created to better integrate hardware and software with artificial intelligence. The Pixel 2 still comes with a headphone jack but we have moved to USB-C, a standard that is becoming commonplace in the best phones and laptops of today. The regular Google Home speaker is now available and costs $129.

And it is highly doubtful whether a Google handset can really compete with the iPhone and Galaxy ranges at this price point. "[F] or this wave of computing to reach new breakthroughs, we have to build software and hardware that can bring more of the potential of AI into reality - which is what we've set out to do with this year's new family of products". He writes that despite the advantages Google Assistant has had in the Android mobile phone ecosystem and other devices, Google has always been "outgunned" by Amazon in the home, given Echo's dominance of the increasingly important speaker market.

The new Pixel 2 and larger Pixel 2 XL are the first Google-made devices since Google announced the acquisition of key segments of Taiwan (Taiwan OTC: 6549.TWO - news) -based electronics group HTC (Shenzhen: 200771.SZ - news). Users will pay the unlikely figure of $27.0 over this period on a monthly basis, although the carrier also charges a $30 activation fee. "Now there are more phones on the market". According to the recent Best Buy ad, the users who will pre-order the Pixel 2 device from its website will get a free Google Home Mini.

Google wanted to avoid giving it a special advantage and protect its relationships with Samsung, LG and other distributors of Android. The company once acquired Motorola, only to sell it a few years later to Lenovo.

Google's eye is now on Apple, whose iPhone has become the smartphone to beat.

"It's like you've got your own personal translator with you everywhere you go". Apple has sustained its TV time throughout the past year, while Google's efforts have tapered off. Last week, Amazon released several new models of the Echo, including one with a display as it tried to find a place in every niche.