Saudi Arabia agrees to buy Russian S-400 air defense system


Evidently, Salman's visit underscores that the Saudi and Russian leaders have made a decision to shift their focus toward common interests rather than let disagreements crowd the centre stage of relations.

Meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday at the Kremlin, King Salman said security and stability in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East is the most eagerly sought after and essential prerequisite for achieving security and stability in the world.

In August, Riyadh hosted talks among three key groups of the Syrian opposition - the so-called Moscow, Cairo and Riyadh ones - on a unified delegation.

"This sale furthers United States national security and foreign policy interests, and supports the long-term security of Saudi Arabia and the (Persian) Gulf region in the face of Iranian and other regional threats", the Pentagon's Defense Security Cooperation agency claimed in a statement. The Pentagon statement said, "This potential sale will substantially increase Saudi Arabia's capability to defend itself against the growing ballistic missile threat in the region". This was voiced by the USA after the THAAD deal was made, which could be interpreted as an American political message to Riyadh that it does not oppose its partnership with Moscow, albeit reluctantly. The King has also got his own furniture.

Besides its implcations for realpolitick, King Salman's visit garnered interest for its lavishness.

Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia support the oil output cut deal, and the agreement's future should be discussed closer to its expiry date, according to a top minister.

The Arabia Foundation deputy CEO meanwhile noted that Moscow showed itself as a good mediator, and if Russian Federation and the United States found the common ground on various world conflicts, prominent results may be achieved in resolving those crises.

During the high-level Russian-Saudi talks, 14 bilateral agreements have been signed by Moscow and Riyadh.

The head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, Kirill Dmitriev, meanwhile said the visit had been a success, Spa reported on Saturday.

Hours after Moscow's announcement that Saudi Arabia is interested in purchasing the most advanced Russian air defense system, the S-400, Washington declared that the American government agreed to sell the advanced THAAD missile defense system to the kingdom.

"The economic peace is no less important than the geopolitical, with the Saudi-Russian understanding on oil production levels remaining central to the economies of both countries and the stability of the global economy", Maksad said. We understand the importance of each other in terms of stability in the region and stability in energy market ... We have historical relations with them.

He added that the signed military agreements provided not only for weapons delivery, but also for exchange of military technologies.