Outlander: Claire and Jamie's reunion episode will be supersize


Roger (Richard Rankin) ultimately brings news that forces Claire to make the hard decision to leave her daughter in 1960s Scotland and travel back in time to reunite with her true love Jamie (Sam Heughan). While it certainly didn't drag and there was plenty going on in Boston, it's surprising that the show would chose this moment to slow down and center a whole episode on Claire's time traveling preparations - especially when it rushed through the Dunbonnet, Ardsmuir and Hellwater storylines.

On the plus side, Roger seemed ready to stay and offer her all the support she might need. Will we see more of them in season three? So much has happened over the two decades, and yet, so much remains the same within Claire and Jamie's relationship.

There will understandably be some drama before Claire decides to go back through the stones in the next episode. Also, the fact that Joe Abernathy was the one examining the bones shouldn't go amiss either - but that's a talk for another time.

After travelling back in time, Claire will be able to locate the print shop where Jamie was supposed to be working, according to her research. There's a remote possibility that Jamie has changed, and that he may not love Claire like he used to. The reunion between Jamie and Claire first began at the end of last night's episode. Season 3 Episode 6, "A. Malcolm", will air for 74 minutes instead of the standard 60, offering an extended look at the immediate aftermath of the Frasers' reunion.

Outlander returns Sunday, Oct. 22 at 8/7c on Starz.