Old Town Hall lights up for Mental Health


For some people with physical or mental health conditions or disabilities, a lack of the right support from employers can make finding and keeping a meaningful job hard, while for many people who are unemployed, navigating the current welfare system to find work, claim benefits, or seek suitable support can be an extremely negative experience.

$92.6 million in funding for the headspace program to improve access for young people aged 12-25 years who have, or are at risk of, mental illness.

Dr Ashley Weinberg, co-author of the report said: "Poorly designed jobs, work that is not well organised and challenging work environments can trigger or exacerbate mental health conditions". Within the past year alone, two out of five National Health Service (NHS) have suffered physical assault at the hands of their patients. Aurangabad: The World Health Organisation (WHO) in a 2017 April report said that more than 300 million people are living with depression. "Rather than being an unusual occurrence I now consider this nearly a default position for a large number of patients", one staff member wrote in the survey.

Numerous staff members who answered the survey say that these problems exist because of understaffing. Numerous workers believe the delays for patients to get treatment leads to their frustrations. "As a result many staff are having to work alone, making violent attacks more likely". Mind has support groups all around the United Kingdom while the NHS has a useful guide to generalised anxiety disorder and the types of treatment available. The number of reported assaults rose the most in England, as compared to the last set of data from 2012-13. There was little to no rise in incidences in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

"However, many older people still feel there is a stigma attached to talking about depression and we need to persuade more people that opening up and talking about their mental health issues is not a sign of weakness", she continued.

The trust helps in searching patients for unsafe items when they are admitted to a ward, the report said.