Amazon Launches Kindle Oasis With 7-inch Display At Rs 21999


Amazon had been missing out on waterproofing the device until now. The resolution of the e-paper display is the same at 300 ppi, but it has a couple of extra LED lights now for a brighter, more even-looking display. Now, it has a new design including a metal body made of aluminum alloy. It also features a bigger battery, which is capable of giving a reading time of up to six weeks. It is called the Kindle Oasis, and it has been described as "the ideal e-reader for the one percent". Whilst the Kindle is dissimilar to last year's in several ways, the ambient light sensors that automatically adapt, dependent on your surroundings, are still intact, alongside a very similar model and design. Along with Amazon's proprietary file format, the upgraded Kindle Oasis supports TXT, MOBI, PDF, and PRC. The waterproof Kindle e-readers are rated IPX8, which means that they can survive sitting in two meters of fresh water for one hour. Fast-charging capability is created to get you fully charged from zero to 100 percent capacity in 2 hours. The new Oasis ships at the end of the month, and replaces the first-generation Oasis model. That's double the base storage of previous Kindles, which Amazon says is to accommodate the storage of audio books. There is also a 4G-enabled edition which only comes in 32GB capacity.

The Kindle Oasis is available for pre-order in Canada on for $389.99, with the device ready for shipping on October 31.

There's a lot of Amazon News out there this morning, here's a digest of some of the interesting stories that marketplaces sellers will want to note but which aren't of direct daily relevance to 3P sellers. However, Amazon's general manager of devices Kevin Keith said that the sales are quite good with "tens of millions" sold. There's loads more details on the spec of the new Kindle here.

The Amazon's most premium reader will cost $249. However, the success of the device in the coming decade is not guaranteed. In 2016, sales of physical books increased while data showed a decrease in e-book sales.

It's been an unusually packed year for Amazon gadgets.

One thing for sure is that now you can now use the new Kindle wherever you like; without worrying about it getting wet.

You can drop this new Kindle in the bath, or hot tub, or anywhere to enjoy your ebooks when you need a break from the internet.