Dust to Dust II: How Valve rebuilt a classic Counter-Strike map


Most of the changes are visual-Valve has quadrupled the texture resolution and changed the art style, opting for a lighter colour palate and a more obvious North African feel, with signs for a Kasbah (basically a fortress), a bazaar and a hotel.

Valve has today announced a availability of a newly updated release of its iconic Counter-Strike Dust 2 map which has now been enhanced and is now available to play via the CS:GO beta release.

There's no major changes to the structure of the map, which I supposed is to be expected, but there are some important tweaks.

For instance, Valve has attempted to improve the flow of gameplay by removing cars from certain section of the map so players can manoeuvre more easily.

As he played, he noticed that with the boxes new position at A long, combined with the higher roof, it could allow for two players to boost over the smoke a peer through towards the corner where AWPer's are most likely to be posted on the Terrorist's entrance.

Some of the most obvious visual changes to Dust 2 come in the form of lighting. "Coincidence? Probably not", Valve said. According to the released information, the updated version will debut in the next CS: GO beta depot.

Go to Valve's blog here to see a full breakdown of the changes.

Head on over to the official Counter-Strike website for the full breakdown, which is packed with side-by-side comparison sliders - just for you.