Elderly Brooklyn couple who helped community victims of home invasion murder


HIs wife, Ethlin Thompson, was treated for superficial marks to her legs and arms, made by being ted up.

The couple's niece, Karlene Grose, told NBC New York she was watching the news, saw her aunt and uncle's home on the screen and realized her uncle had been killed by the burglars.

They were taken to a local hospital where the man was pronounced dead. She said, 'They robbed me and my husband and tied us up, they came in from the back.

Delroy noted that family members, including himself, were in town the day before the home invasion for a family reunion at his sister's house in The Bronx.

"The officers entered her apartment and found her 91-year-old husband tied up and lying on the floor", NYPD Deputy Chief Michael Kemper said at a press conference.

"Oh my god. It breaks my heart to see my uncle died".

Ethlin was also taken to the hospital for minor injuries, including rope burns.

Waldiman Thompson and his 100-year-old wife, Ethline Thompson, were sitting in their home when a group of unknown intruders broke in and ransacked the place, according to police.

Grose said the Thompsons had been married for decades, and now Ethlin Brumley will be without her partner.

The suspects were reportedly caught on surveillance tape and one of the men appeared to be carrying a small box, while another one had a bakcpack. That is what investigators are trying to figure out.

Cops on Wednesday night questioned and released Ethlin's 61-year-old great-nephew who was at the home 30 minutes before the crime, but he still remains a person of interest, sources said.

The couple had been married for decades and moved to the USA from Jamaica when they were younger. Ethlin is a missionary and retired nurse. The suspects threw a blanket over her head and then tied up both of the elderly residents, according to police.

"To see my uncle go like this, someone has to be punished".