FTII sees another flashpoint after students decide to boycott dialogue exercise


Anupam Kher, the newly appointed Chairman of the Pune-based Film and Television Institute (FTII), says he will work towards sharing his experience with students rather than setting agendas as an administrator.

The development on the campus has coincided with Kher's appointment, which the students have questioned.

Talking about his feeling after appointed as chairman of FTII, Kher said, "It's an honor and achievement for me but at the same time its huge responsibility for me that I have been declared as a chairman of FTII".

The students also pointed to how "limitations have been brought into exercise norms as part of the new syllabus". Moreover, he said that this is the not the first time when he is handling an administrative post.

The role and future prospects of the institute's many contract staff.

All the light-men are contractual labourers now, who used to be permanent once.The institute runs five days a week. However, the standoff between student body and the administration over the issue of dialogue exercise has continued. They are also working in an environment where they have this constant fear of being sacked any time if they don't follow the administration.

"The institute does not have enough number of faculties to run the courses and, because of this, implementation of syllabus is getting affected". However, the protesting students have made a decision to boycott the exercise stating earlier, the students would get three days where they could shoot the film working eight hours a day, however with changed norms, the administration has reduced the days of shooting from three days to two days but they have increased the working hours from eight hours a day to twelve hours a day.

Students are being forced to sign undertakings to finish their courses "on time"; on the other hand, administration is not providing the necessary resources which are essential to finish their projects on time. "But the students of the third semester chose to continue with the boycott despite the solution we offered regarding the schedule".

Pune: The Film and Television Institute of India on Thursday morning withdrew the five hostel eviction notices issued a day before for students' refusal to adhere to the dialogue exercise schedule but the latter's agitation continued.

- Since February 2017, student representatives have been excluded from Academic Council discussion which is against the Constitution of the institute.

The student body has urged Kher, who will now be heading the institute, to resolve these longstanding issues. The protest was staged against the selection of Chauhan, who students thought lacked the aptitude to head an institute of such great repute. "The way the course is progressing, it seems we will finish the courses on time, but without learning anything substantial", said Rohit Kumar, a second-year student specialising in film editing.