Jay-Z May Be Buying Harvey Weinstein's Stake in Weinstein Company


The ongoing story of Harvey Weinstein and his alleged sexual assaults continues.

AI International Holdings reportedly want the cash back from The Weinstein Company - who sacked the Hollywood producer last weekend following claims he has sexually harassed a number of employees for nearly three decades - because the situation has changed since they fronted the loan a year ago.

Police visited the residence of Remy Weinstein-daughter of producer Harvey Weinstein-after she called 911 and said that her father was suicidal, reports TMZ. AI's previously financed films like The Butler and I, Tonya for Miramax and TWC, as well as other movies like Hacksaw Ridge. Weinstein is now in settlement talks with the studio and has said he's open to an outside relationship after he returns from sex rehab in Europe.

Weinstein had left the home by the time they arrived and his daughter reportedly told police no suicidal statement were made and said it had been just a family argument.

Harvey was a frequent guest at The White House and has raised and donated over a million dollars in funds for Democrats of the House dating back to Bill Clinton.

Harvey Weinstein was sacked from The Weinstein Company following several sexual assault allegations, which came to light in a New York Times exposé. Several A-listers who have worked with Weinstein in the past, including Meryl Streep and George Clooney, have publicly denounced Weinstein in the ensuing fall-out.