Myrtle Beach police detail arrest of murder suspect Matthew Darby


An ex-boyfriend of murdered University of Pittsburgh student, Alina Sheykhet, was reportedly arrested Wednesday in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Officer arrived at the scene and the witness described the man to police.

Darby was arraigned before a judge who set a $1,000 bond on the loitering charge and denied bond on the homicide charge.

A Seneca Valley High School graduate is wanted on homicide charges in connection with the death of his 20-year-old ex-girlfriend. He additionally faces charges that incorporate manslaughter, robbery, having instruments of wrongdoing, burglary and flight to maintain a strategic distance from dread in association with the demise of Sheykhet - who was discovered dead Sunday when her stressed father kicked in her room entryway.

In her request for a protection order, Ms Sheykhet said Mr Darby "climbed up the gutter on the side of the house and broke through the second-floor window of my home", the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

Shrager read a statement prepared by his family, asking him to come forward.

The temporary restraining order was issued with a final hearing set for October 5, but it's unclear from Allegheny County's online records if the hearing took place. He was arrested and charged with felony criminal trespass on 26 September.

Darby, 21, was charged in March with rape, sexual assault and other charges in another county.

"She didn't answer the phone". "So we tried to open the door".

The Sheykhet family declined to comment when The Pitt News contacted them Monday evening. "There is no continued threat to Oakland residents and the university communities", Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert said at the time.

"We would not have solved this case so quickly without all of the information and cooperation from the community", Pittsburgh Police Commander Joseph Vic said, according to the Tribune-Review.