Syria terrorists 'operate near U.S. forces,' Russian military wants explanations


The pro-government Al-Ikhbariya TV says the police encircled a third attacker, forcing him to blow himself up.

A similar attack on a police station in a nearby district last week killed 17 people.

According to Konashenkov, the Islamic State is recapturing the neighborhoods of Raqqa, which the U.S. called the key priority in the fight against this terror group, that they left earlier.

The US-led global coalition had sharply reduced its air strikes on Isis in Iraq in September, the same time as Russian air power began to help Syrian government forces retake Deir Ezzor province, a defence ministry statement claimed on Tuesday.

Russian Federation accused the United States on Wednesday of allowing Daish to operate "under its nose" in Syria, saying Washington was letting the militant group move about freely in an area abutting a USA military base.

Having covered more than 300 kilometers in cars, the convoy passed through the former Tafas border checkpoint on the Syrian-Jordanian border to the southern de-escalation zone (Daraa Governorate, Syria).

"For example, in September, with the beginning of the operation conducted by Syrian troops supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces to recapture the Deir Ez-Zor province from ISIL (former name of IS - TASS) the US-led global coalition has substantially reduced the intensity of strikes against ISIL in Iraq, to several times per day, carrying out nearly five times less strikes than on Syria", he said.

Syria terrorists 'operate near U.S. forces,' Russian military wants explanations

Russian Federation accused the United States today of "imitating" the fight against the Islamic State and decreasing the intensity of the airstrikes against the jihadists in Iraq, facilitating their stream into Syria.

"The US-led coalition, pretending to fight IS, largely in Iraq, sees all this but continues allegedly active measures against IS in Syria for some reason", he said.

Walid al-Moallem said during a visit to Russian Federation on Wednesday that the US -led coalition has been "methodically destroying all except the IS".

As they are vying for territory in oil-rich province, the Syrian army and SDF crossed paths several times, resulting in smaller clashes which prompted both Moscow and Washington to issue warnings of retaliation in case of future confrontation.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at the start of his talks with al-Moallem in Sochi that he would like to focus on a political settlement in Syria.

On Tuesday, the coalition said local officials from the Raqa Civil Council (RCC) - a government-in-exile based north of the battle-torn city - were negotiating the exit of civilians from remaining Daish-held areas.

Dillon says up to 15 militants have surrendered in the past three weeks in Raqqa.