Chester Bennington's carpool karaoke released by Linkin Park


In a statement addressed to Bennington, it added: "We're trying to remind ourselves that the demon who took you away from us were always part of the deal".

Bennington appears to be in good spirits throughout the episode and is shown behind the wheel teaching episode host Ken Jeong how to sing in Bennington's signature scream.

It opens with Jeong joking that he dreamed about joining the band, and changing the name to Linken Park. Now, with the blessing of Bennington's family and the band, the 23-minute episode has been released. Either that or become their official dancer and "fly-girl" because his dance moves are epic. Besides the covers of "Hey Ya" by Outkast and "Under the Bridge" by Red Hot Chili Peppers. But One of the more touching moments of the episode saw Chester talk about his children's futures.

"We will navigate it as delicately as possible and just adhere to whatever wishes they would want because I don't think there's any other way we could deal with it". My daughters, they love music, they want to learn to play instruments.

After pulling up, Bennington, Jeong, Shinoda and Hahn then move onto a party bus to sing Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama and Aerosmith's I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing.

The video ends with a reprise of "Numb"; only an appropriate song for Chester's grieving family, friends and fans.