Family of missing Glendale teacher searching national forest


Gorospe's plan was to grab dinner with Malzahn once he was out of jail, and then to drive back to Phoenix, according to police.

The search for a missing Valley kindergarten teacher is still ongoing, as Cathryn Gorospe, 44, has not been seen since Friday. With him, he had the white Toyota RAV4 that Gorospe had been driving when she disappeared, police say.

'We fear harm has come to her, ' Flagstaff Police Sgt. Cory Runge said in a statement.

Now, police say they are filling in the blank part of the timeline this weekend.

Saturday, he attempted to use her credit cards in Tucson at the Tucson Mall. Police located the van and arrested Malzahn. There was also a cut on Malzahn's thumb, the friend said.

The Arizona University Police Department has confirmed that Charlie Malzahn, the man police consider a person interest in the case of a missing Glendale teacher, is the suspect in an assault on a young woman in her dorm room Sunday night.

Charges were reportedly filed on Thursday.

Malzahn is now being additionally charged with unlawful flight, resisting arrest and aggravated assault, according to The New York Post.

Law enforcement officials say they have questioned Malzahn on Gorospe's disappearance, who maintains that he is unaware of her whereabouts.

The woman's vehicle was spotted early Monday in Phoenix and Malzahn was arrested after he crashed the SUV following a police pursuit.

Her family is searching for her around Williams, Ariz., west of Flagstaff, hoping to find clues. "You hold onto it".

Upon questioning, the acquaintance told police that there was blood covering the inside of Gorospe's vehicle.