Gambit movie has a new release date


After his appearance in the ill-fated X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, where he was played by Taylor Kitsch, it looked for years like he might finally get a proper movie, with Channing Tatum assaying the role. Where the X-Men movies and the superhero movies with Logan and Deadpool really broke down a lot of doors for us.

The project had successfully sealed the deal with Gore Verbinski and with the Pirates of the Caribbean director set to helm the project, the studio made a decision to pin a date for Gambit. I'm hopeful that this time we may actually see a film come out of it all, but if there is one thing we learnt with the troubled development of Gambit, expect nothing.

20th Century Fox have revealed the February 14, 2019, release date they had reserved on their calendar will be filled by the Channing Tatum-led movie, which Gore Verbinski joined as director just last week. Gambit had been able to nab a director and a release date before with Rupert Wyatt as its helmsmen and a 2016 premiere, but production fell through because of creative issues.

Created by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee in 1990, Gambit, a New Orleans native mutant, quickly became a fan favorite due to his kinetic energy manipulation abilities and penchant for stealing.

But this sounds promising for a movie that seemed as dead as Darwin not long ago.

What do you think about Verbinski taking the helm of this long-awaited project?