Giant snake on the loose wrangled by Florida detective


A detective in Tallahassee was tasked with capturing a 9-foot-long anaconda, which is a thing cops in Florida have to do now.

He continues to narrate during the clip as he says: 'You think he got run-over? There were a couple of times where the anaconda appears to try to strike her. Detective Shaw has experience handling exotic snakes.

While she is attempting to lift the snake in the air it keeps jabbing at her.

"MUST SEE VIDEO! Our Detective Emily Shaw got an unusual call yesterday, but one she was equipped to handle". Shaw calmly confronted the snake, picked it up and maneuvered it into a duffel bag.

"We believe this was someone's pet that either escaped or was released", the Sheriff's Office said in the Facebook post, urging owners of exotic pets to be responsible.

They've raised $325 with $1000 being the ultimate goal.

Officials say they confirmed the snake was a 9-foot yellow anaconda, a nonvenomous species typically found in South America.