Jane Fonda Admits She Knew About Weinstein Rumors And Stayed Silent


Fonda, speaking to CNN's Christiane Amanpour on Thursday, said that she was "proud it's coming out and that fellow actors are speaking up" but that she was "ashamed" she didn't say anything about the disgraced movie producer right then.

"I was not that bold", Fonda replied.

Apparently, sometime previous year, Weinstein victim Rosanna Arquette confided in Miz Fonda about the sexual harassment she suffered through thanks to Harvey.

In an interview with the BBC's "Hardtalk" programme to air next Monday, she said Weinstein had been able to sexually harass women for decades "because he's powerful".

Fonda declined to discuss what Arquette told her. "This goes on all the time", She said. "I should've been braver and I think that from now on I will be when I hear such stories", Fonda told a live audience, including several members of Britain's parliament, gathered for the interview. Arquette then left the room.

"It came as a shock and a great disappointment..."

As Amanpour noted earlier, it may seem surprising that Fonda, of all people, did not speak out after hearing Arquette's story. But as Fonda noted, she didn't feel comfortable speaking on Arquette's behalf, especially on such a delicate topic-even though Fonda is a survivor of rape and sexual abuse herself.

The Oscar award winning actress said that she was never assaulted by the movie mogul.

Fonda, an avid women's rights advocate, said that she wasn't personally assaulted by Weinstein because she met him when she was much older, but was well aware of his reputation and the mindset that men like him have.

The actress, who rose to global prominence in the 1960s starring in films such as "Barefoot in the Park", and as an iconic figure in the anti-Vietnam War movement, revealed she had faced sexual harassment from an unnamed French director when she was aged 21. Fonda did not name him or the project, but noted that the director flew to Los Angeles to meet with her and explain the script, which is when the incident occurred. "I know that it has taken a long time", she said. "He wanted me to sleep with him".

She turned him down and got the part anyway.

When asked about why she chose to stay silent, Fonda said, "I was not that bold".

"We have to start believing these women and standing forward and protecting them".

"I mean Donald Trump is - we have a man who is president who does these things". "What kind of a message does that say?" Unfortunately, that counteracts a lot of the good that we're doing.