No Rohingya Muslim refugee should be deported until November 21


The apex court also said the government should be sensitive to the Rohingyas and can not be oblivious to the plight of innocent women and children, reported CNN-News18.

The Supreme Court on Friday deferred the deportation of Rohingya Muslim refugees from India till its next hearing on November 21 and said there is not an "iota of doubt" that a humanitarian approach should be taken on the matter.

Stressing that the State has a big role to play, the apex court said the issue of Rohingya Muslims was of "great magnitude". It further rapped the government saying that there is a need to strike a balance between human rights and national security. "We will not permit any emotional arguments", the bench observed. It is not an ordinary case. The court told the government that no Rohingya refugee should be deported until the next date of hearing in the case. "The issue involves human rights of many", the bench said.

The government also said if allowed to stay, the Rohingya refugees would exhaust natural resources meant for Indians that could culminate in hostility towards them and lead to social tension and law and order problems.

Additional Solicitor General Tushar Mehta submitted that the government would not like the matter to be heard in a piecemeal manner as it has wide ramifications and added that it would prefer a day for detailed hearing.

A bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra has asked both parties to compile all documents and worldwide conventions for assisting the court.

The Rohingya refugees, a persecuted community of Muslims from Myanmar have fled the country in large numbers.

The letter urges the Modi government to lead a "global response" to the "humanitarian tragedy" that is unfolding in Myanmar's Rakhine and prepare a "bold vision" that addresses the needs of thousands of Rohingya who have fled their homes in the wake of violence that has gripped the state.