Reporter checks Kentucky Wildcats' John Calipari during FBI investigation question


The Kentucky head coach didn't offer fans much reassurance during media day Thursday when he attempted to sidestep questions about where his program stands amid the FBI's investigation into corruption throughout the sport. "We're going about our business of coaching this team", Calipari said, before refusing to answer further questions about the scandal. Does anyone here have a question about my team?

"This is media day, not coach day", Tipton quipped.

"You're acting like you know something that I don't know". I am entitled to ask a question.

Calipari wanted to shift things back to his team and basketball, but one reporter insisted on asking another question about the investigation.

Calipari was asked about reports that the FBI has expanded its investigation into Nike, the shoe company that provides United Kingdom with millions in athletic gear. "How about a basketball question, since it isn't "my day"?" Even when I was a college student and we shouted chants making fun of coaches, we never shouted them at Coach Cal. Kevin Stallings? Yes.

"With all this stuff", Calipari said, "for me to spend my time today on all this stuff, I just don't want to do that". How about a basketball question?

The reference to Nike's potential involvement stems from reports last month that the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League was served with a subpoena. Nike responded to the reports by stating its commitment to fair play and noting there had been no allegations involving the company.

Calipari better hope his program doesn't become implicated in the corruption scandal the FBI is investigating, because if it does he will probably have to answer more than a few questions about it.