Tennessee woman beats reigning champ on "Jeopardy!"


Uncertain of how the host would react, but well aware of what he had just said, he simply looked at Trebek as his fellow contestants froze in silence. "He's gotta be the stern taskmaster who can occasionally throw in a sarcastic quip".

A contestant on Thursday's episode of "Jeopardy!" had his fellow contestants almost at a loss for words and elicited a classic reaction from host Alex Trebek with his answer to one prompt.

He lost by just $51 to Tennessee homemaker Scarlett Sims, making his 11-day, $411,000 run the fifth-most impressive on Jeopardy!'s all-time regular-season rankings.

Fans everywhere were amazed, amused and instantly tweeting.

As for what he'll do with that money, now that he's flush with cash, Rogers admitted to both the New York Times and USA Today that he has no idea. He said he came in wanting to win at least two games. "However, with stats like these, it's not goodbye - it's see you later", Jeopardy! noted on its official Twitter account Thursday, alongside a video highlighting where Rogers ranks among the best to compete on the show.

"We're sorry to see you go, Austin!" Trebek saying "dick-tree" again.