Turkish Armed Forces establishing control in Syria's Idlib


The elements of Turkish armed forces that will serve in Idlib tension reduction zone, in coordination with discovery activities initiated on 08 October 2017, have been in form of observation points since 12 October 2017.

The Turkish military said on Monday it had launched a reconnaissance mission into the area at the weekend "to establish surveillance posts as part of the operation to be carried out in Idlib province".

Turkey said on Saturday it was carrying out a military operation in Idlib and surrounding areas as part of a deal it reached with Russian Federation and Iran last month to enforce a "de-escalation" zone in northwest Syria.

Al Jazeera's Hashem Ahelbarra, reporting from Antakya, along Turkey's border with Syria, said: "This is what we know so far: dozens of military vehicles have crossed into Syria". The three countries are guaranteeing the ceasefire regime in Syria.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed late Thursday that a military convoy of Turkish forces entered Idlib before heading towards the western part of Aleppo province.

The deployment is part of the de-escalation deal brokered in Astana last month between Ankara, Tehran and Moscow. He added that Turkish Armed Forces would be stationed inside the de-escalation zone, while Russian forces will be along the zone's outer perimeter.

The Syrian conflict began after widespread protests against the government in 2011 but has since turned into a multi-front war that has killed more than 330,000 people.