Unborn baby kicks hole in mother's womb, both nearly die


A pregnant woman in China almost died right before she gave birth-because of the strength of her unborn baby's kick.

The news was shared by doctors on the Facebook page of Peking University Shenzhen Hospital in China.

Initial checks were run for what Zhang was still describing as stomach pains, and it wasn't until specialists conducted an ultrasound on the woman's womb that they realised what had happened.

In a statement posted on its official social media account yesterday, the hospital claimed that the first-time mother was taken to the hospital at around 10am on October 2 after having suffered severe abdominal pain for about five hours.

During the procedure, a 7cm "break" was found, which according to Zhang's medical history was from a procedure to remove fibroids from her womb in 2016.

Ms Zhang and her family thought that the mother-to-be had a stomach-ache, the MailOnline reported.

The woman, who only gave the surname Zhang, gave birth to her child at 35 weeks via a C-section. "Uterine rupture during pregnancy is a rare event and [usually] results in life-threatening maternal and fetal compromise", it says.

Doctor Zhang Lei said the woman had been left with a scar on the uterus wall from the previous surgery, and the fetus ruptured it by kicking out.

The baby was born by emergency caesarean section 10 minutes after the doctors made the discovery.