Why Neville Is Leaving WWE


The King of the Cruiserweights was dethroned when Amore's low blow allowed him to pick up a shocking win.

Neville could slot into any promotion in the world without looking out of place, and the global talent pool's staggering depth means there's no shortage of potentially great matches, wherever he lands.

The creative team was left in bind after Neville made a decision to walk out of the company because the planned main event for the show was supposed to be Neville versus Enzo in a non-title match. Neville did not appear at the weekend live events or at Monday's Raw, but he remains listed on the WWE roster page as of this update. A new report has shed new light on the situation involving the former Cruiserweight Champion. After dropping the title to Enzo at No Mercy, he forfeited a title match and attacked Amore on one episode of Raw.

Though Neville walking out on WWE was contested by PWInsider's report, their report indicated that the release request is true and that it may have been sparked by being left off the WrestleMania 33 DVD and not receiving royalties; similar to Austin Aries' complaints about the company prior to his departure.

Neville was the first real star added to the cruiserweight division in order to help boost the brand's numbers, and he was shortly followed by Austin Aries. They also noted that there was talk of doing the non-title match after it was mentioned that Neville couldn't receive a title shot due to the non-contact stipulation from the week before.

WWE still has Neville under contract, but he is not factored into future plans & will not be working live event. However, officials are not factoring the former Cruiserweight Champion into any cruiserweight division plans for the time being but there is a chance the two sides come to terms and he returns to action.

This report debunks some rumors & clarifies others.