Clinton Foundation will keep six-figure donation from disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein


Hillary Clinton told CNN's Fareed Zakaria last week that she would give campaign donations she personally received to charity. Kirsten Gillibrand, all of NY.

"Donations, these included, have been spent fighting childhood obesity and HIV/AIDS, combatting climate change, and empowering girls and women, and we have no plans to return them", said the foundation in a statement to the Washington Times.

Harvey will be on speakerphone for the board of directors' meeting for The Weinstein Company, which he and his brother founded, since he is in treatment for sex addiction in Arizona amid accusations of rape and other misconduct.

A Daily Mail reporter was reportedly blocked from asking former president Bill Clinton about Harvey Weinstein's donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Mr. Podesta, who was a frequent ear for a frustrated Band over Chelsea, wrote back, "You are perfecting your skills for understatement".

Mr. Weinstein is listed on the foundation's website on its tally of contributors who have given between $100,001 and $250,000.

Mr. Weinstein contributed an estimated $46,000 to her 2016 presidential campaign and committees supporting her election. Weinstein's behavior was well-known for decades. As we reported, the company never gave him a reason for booting him out, and our sources say to this day the company has never offered Harvey or Glaser any reason. "The behavior described by women coming forward can not be tolerated". But, to paraphrase her buddy Barack Obama, was it on the right side of history?

She made no mention of the numerous sexual assaults her own husband had been accused of spanning decades.