Man Charged in Nabra Hassanen's Death Indicted on Capital Murder Count


Fairfax County prosecutors will pursue the death penalty against the man accused of killing a 17-year-old Muslim girl in June.

The seven-count indictment handed up Monday includes four counts of capital murder, spelling out in sometimes graphic detail the ways in which prosecutors believe the slaying qualifies for the death penalty.

It was the first face-to-face encounter between Nabra's parents and the suspect. They obtained a murder warrant charging him for Hassanen's murder.

Hassanen's mother hurled a shoe at Torres from across the courtroom and screamed "I kill you!"

"You kill my daughter!" her father shouted, lunging at Martinez-Torres. The proceedings resumed about after about an hour, at which point Torres waived the hearing and the case was sent to a grand jury. The group was walking back to their mosque, the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, after eating at a McDonald's ahead of a daylong fast.

She was with a group of more than a dozen friends when one of them got into a dispute with Torres, who was driving a vehicle at the time, according to police.

Darwin Martinez Torres, 22, was accused of attacking Nabra Hassanen with a bat and killing her in June.

The announcement of the indictment was the first time that officials indicated that Torres also sexually assaulted Hassanen, whose body was found in a pond almost 12 hours after the initial assault. Prosecutors say he lashed out in a case of road rage.

"I don't know why", said Fairfax County Commonwealth Attorney, Ray Morrogh on Monday.

Under Virginia law, the capital murder indictment will allow prosecutors to pursue the death penalty for Torres under certain conditions, including premeditated murder during a rape.

Hassanen's father thanked the community after the hearing for supporting the family.

"I think it's always risky to characterize a case, especially on the day it happens or shortly thereafter", said Morrogh.

"There is no question that this community will be watching the process", he said.

After the hearing, many of those who were forced to leave the courthouse rallied on a plaza under a large US flag, chanting "Justice for Nabra". The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has lodged a detainer against Martinez-Torres, who is from El Salvador, meaning federal authorities believe they have evidence he's in the country illegally.