Roofers pause for national anthem played at nearby football game


A photo of three roofers from ME who stopped working while the national anthem played at a high school nearby has gone viral Monday.

The roofers stopped working and stood for the anthem, unaware that people in the nearby stands had noticed their action and were snapping photos.

"When I looked over the fence, I saw them standing and respecting the flag even though they didn't have to", she said. It was at that moment she made a decision to take a picture of the roofers.

Cossar identified the three men to Fox News, but the station reported that none of the men had immediately responded to requests for comment.

Harrison, the man standing on the roof's peak, told Fox News he and his colleagues weren't aware a picture was taken and didn't pause their work for "The Star-Spangled Banner" in order to prove a point.

Since Cossar posted the image it has been shared almost 700 times.

Just yesterday Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said he thinks NFL players should stop protesting during the national anthem and instead speak out against domestic violence, The Associated Press reported.

Since Cossar posted the image it has been shared on social media almost 900 times.

Shanon Gurski Dixon told WMTW she hopes a national personality will see the photo and honor the men for their patriotism.

"Our little city would love to have them recognized", Dixon said.