Ivanka Trump reveals 'punk phase' when she liked Nirvana


In her mother Ivana Trump's new book Raising Trump, Ivanka did some writing as well, and she used some of that real estate to talk about the "punk phase" she went through as a teenager.

In a recently revealed excerpt from The Cut, Trump writes, "During my punk phase in the '90s, I was really into Nirvana".

That's right folks - the woman best known for putting a weird smiling face on her father's increasingly authoritarian right-wing administration wants us all to believe that she was an anti-establishment, fuck authority punk rocker in her heyday.

Moreover, the mom-of-three wrote, "my wardrobe consisted of ripped corduroy jeans and flannel shirts", and she shares that she even dyed her hair blue. Mum wasn't a fan of this decision.

"It was a shock and I was distraught", she shared.

Ivanka also said she cried for 24 hours after learning Nirvana's frontman Kurt Cobain had committed suicide in April 1994. She took one look at me and immediately went out to the nearest drugstore to buy a $10 box of Nice 'N Easy.

Crying when Kurt Cobain died?

However many online are questioning whether she actually was a punk, and have pointed out Nirvana were grunge, not punk.

The idea of Ivanka calling herself "punk" was too much for most of the internet to handle, and people have been making a snarky meme out of it since Tuesday evening.

In 2013, Ivanka attended the prestigious Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum in NY when the theme was Punk: Chaos To Couture.

She was 12-years-old at the time.

And for the event Ivanka did add blue streaks to her blonde hair.