Drone strike kills Pakistan school carnage 'mastermind'


According to reports, Umar Mansoor was wounded in a drone strike that was carried out in Paktia province of Afghanistan on Tuesday.

Umar Mansoor, who had claimed responsibility for the deadly attack on Bacha Khan University in 2016, was said to be the mastermind of 2014's attack at the Army Public School in Peshawar which left at least 144 people, mostly children, dead.

Mansoor was among over two dozen militants who were killed in a recent string of drone strikes, a few km away from Pak-Afghan border in Afghan's province of Pakita, ARY News said.

Umar Mansoor was the TTP's commander in Peshawar and Dara Adam Khel. Apart from slaughtering students in their classrooms, the group of heavily-armed attackers also killed teachers.

Grieving parents welcomed the news of Mansour's death.

Reports of his death had emerged in 2016 as well, which could not be confirmed.

The recent USA drone strikes along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border had killed the mastermind of the deadly attack on a Pakistani school that left 144 kids and teachers killed, local media reported Wednesday.

The death of key Pakistani Taliban figures is seen as a significant improvement in otherwise fraught ties between Pakistan and Afghanistan following a recent visit of Pakistani Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa to Afghan capital Kabul.

Pakistan officials have not offered any comments.