First Lady Melania Trump donates inaugural ball gown to Smithsonian


"Why would the moron say "my wife, Melania, who happens to be right here"?" To think they would go this far and try and make us think its her on TV is mind blowing.

Some social media users offered "evidence" that the woman standing with Trump has subtle physical differences to the "real" Melania Trump.

Earlier this week, the conspiracy went from a random idea to a full-blown conspiracy after the Facebook user Andrea Wagner Barton put it up last week.

Footage of the President giving an address in Floria has emerged in which he states Melania "wishes she could be here", however, the First Lady appears to be standing next to him.

For months now, several conspiracy theories about people using a strikingly similar-looking secret service agents have been doing the rounds - this time, people added photos to justify the theory, along with President Trump's apparent slip-ups regarding his wife's whereabouts and the first lady's sometimes "altered" appearances. I it me or during his speech today a decoy "stood in" for Melania?

TrumpsTaxes posted: "Fake Melania Trump revealed to be elusive criminal mastermind Carmen Sandiego", referring to the fictional cartoon villain.

This is according to a conspiracy theory gathering traction. Rich was a Democratic National Committee staffer killed in Washington. Or not wanting to hold her husband's hand in public.

There have been a few odd happenings in and around the famous Oval Office since the Trumps occupied the White House, and on Wednesday, it seems as if they took an even more weird turn.

"Non-verbally, there's nothing out of the ordinary about her behavior", said Navarro, who noted the FLOTUS is very stoic by nature, which can make her more vulnerable to this kind of speculation.