Iowa Leaders' Concerns Over More Cuts Fuel Fight with Trump Administration


Iowa Biodiesel Board executive director Grant Kimberley said farm country is "perplexed".

Reynolds said she held separate calls with Trump and the US environmental regulator on Wednesday, in which she urged the Trump administration not to make those changes. The governor and other industry leaders have been questioning the administration's commitment to renewable fuels in light of recent EPA proposals that threaten to rollback the RFS, and she vowed to keep the pressure on until the final RFS volume obligations are approved. "They understood how important it was to maintain a robust Renewable Fuels Standard".

Senator Charles Grassley, an Iowa Republican, said he told Pruitt during the hour-long meeting "that supporting biofuels isn't just good policy".

The news conference with executives representing the renewable fuels industry is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in Pella. "Unfortunately, the EPA's request for comments implied there are some that want to take us backward, which is unnecessary, and very highly disruptive".

"We have made great progress through the RFS in diversifying our nation's fuel supply while creating and sustaining jobs, strengthening local economies, generating tax revenues and improving energy security", the letter states.

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association will also release results from a new economic impact study.

"No definitive decision was made on RFS", she said. The report said the EPA was told to pull back on a possible reduction in biodiesel requirements and a proposal to allow exported renewable fuel to count toward domestic quotas. One of the organizers, Fuels America, will be livestreaming the event.

The proposed biomass-based diesel and advanced biofuel volumes don't reflect existing production potential for the industries, the senators said, adding that they could lead to job losses in their states. "It's also what President Trump promised".

Ernst said in a statement on Wednesday she was declining to support one of the nominees over concerns about the EPA's treatment of RFS.