SC Gets Extension From Federal Govt. For REAL ID Compliance


The North Dakota Department of Transportation is now in the process of implementing REAL ID. The Motor Vehicles Division will seek another extension to give it more time to reach full compliance.

The Department of Homeland Security had said it would only grant Montana an extension was if the state made a commitment toward making substantial and documented progress toward complying with REAL ID. The extension expires October 10, 2018. "I am relieved that hard-working Montanans can travel with their current state-issued identification as they prepare for the busy holiday period".

Once the state is certified compliant, you will have until September 30, 2020 to change your current license or ID to a REAL ID if interested in doing so.

The requirements for commercial driver's license and identification card holders or worldwide customers are different.

However, in recent years it became apparent that Washington was serious in not allowing an old driver's license to be used to board airliners.

Other forms of identification, such as passports, may be used instead of Real ID. Without it, Montanans could not board a commercial airplane or enter federal buildings after January 22, 2018 using their driver's license.

In 2007 Montana lawmakers passed legislation prohibiting the state from complying with the Real ID Act. Due to state and federal laws, these customers will not be able to order their REAL ID online next year.

According to the SCDMV, more than 65,000 SC residents have provided the required documents to receive a REAL ID-compliant form of identification.

Federal officials continue to review whether to extend the deadline in several states, including MI and IL. It is anticipated this is the last extension request the state will have to submit.