U of L Trustees Fire Athletic Director Tom Jurich


Louisville fired athletic director Tom Jurich Wednesday amid the pay-for-play scandal that rocked the Cardinals' basketball program along with a good portion of the NCAA. Tom Jurich maintained a professional athletic department that was the envy of universities across the country.

Jurich was placed on paid administrative leave last month after the school acknowledged that it was included in an FBI investigation of recruiting practices in men's college basketball.

The following two tabs change content below. The board voted 10-3 in favor of firing Jurich for cause.

Before the trustees voted to fire Jurich for cause, trustees Brian Cromer, Diane Medley and Ronald Wright spoke up in defense of the athletics director, thanking him for transforming the UofL athletics department and campus and urging their colleagues not to fire him.

Jurich is not named in the complaint, but his letter of suspension from interim school president Greg Postel called the level of misconduct alleged in the probe and the negative attention it has brought to the university "unacceptable". We believe that their vote to terminate his contract was done in haste with inaccurate information that should have had no bearing on continuing his employment. He has done nothing illegal, nor violated any NCAA rules. Tom has been a great steward for the University of Louisville Athletics brand.

Vince Tyra is the acting athletic director.

Jurich took over as the UofL athletics director in 1997 and led their sports teams through a renaissance, as their football and baseball programs joined the basketball program in belonging to the elite in the NCAA. However, all of the other trustees voted to fire Jurich, including chairman J. David Grissom and Papa John's founder John Schnatter - the latter of which had strongly criticized Jurich's leadership earlier this year. While I doubt it will top Pitino's pending claims of emotional distress against Adidas, the discovery process in this suit, and the burning of 20-year-old bridges Jurich built since he took over, should make his exit a bleakly entertaining shitshow.