United States man thanks Apple Watch for saving his life


However Green's watch was pretty old and therefore it does not support any of these features.

In March 2016, another man from Morinville in Alberta, Canada credited his Apple Watch with alerting him to a heart attack while he was building a fence.

James Green, from NY, credits the HeartWatch app on his watch for alerting him to an unusual spike in his heart rate.

"Never thought a stupid lil wrist computer I bought 2 years ago would save my life", Brooklyn podcast producer James Green wrote on Twitter.

Green later found out it was a pulmonary embolism, a condition in which a blood clot becomes lodged in a lung, usually after traveling through the bloodstream from the legs. The post has been retweeted 11,000 times. His doctor said the clot could have been fatal if Green had waited longer to get medical attention.

He recalled the incident and said: "I got an alert from Heart Watch that my heart rate was continually above my resting heart rate of 54, even when I was just sitting at my desk".

The notification, along with a few other symptoms that Green had noticed during the week, prompted him to visit a doctor.

A CT scan highlighted the clots and he was then rushed to hospital, he remembers "they did a couple of ultrasounds to monitor and put me on a blood thinner drip to reverse the clot damage". He started tracking it after his previous pulmonary embolism, as he wanted data on his heart rate.

David Walsh, the app's creator, said it was "humbling to have played a part".

He chose to create the app in 2015 after his dad died aged 56 due to a sudden heart problem.