Tesla builds solar farm to power children's hospital in Puerto Rico


Earlier this month, Musk extended an offer to help Puerto Rico and pledged to contribute to rebuilding their power grid that was taken out by Hurricane Maria.

Though Tesla is perhaps the most high-profile solar company to commit time and money to helping Puerto Rico (even, according to reports, delaying its electric truck announcement to focus on helping the island), it is not the sole company rushing to help.

It's been more than a month since a devastating hurricane hit the island of Puerto Rico, and nearly 80 percent of the island's inhabitants still don't have access to electricity. This will allow the hospital to generate and store energy.

Tesla's first microgrid project in the United States territory will be at Hospital del Niño, the company announced on Tuesday on Twitter.

The facility in question will provide power to Hospital del Niño, with a combination of solar cells and Tesla's Powerpack commercial energy storage batteries. Just 18 days later, Tesla has shared images of the progress being made on the first of many solar projects being planned.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk delivering on his promise to help Puerto Rico's destroyed power grid.

Sunnova is the second largest electricity provider on the island, behind only Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), and has been active on the island since 2014. There are also signs that this will become the first of several renewable energy projects built on the island in the coming months, which means that more Puerto Ricans will soon get access to electricity again. Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló subsequently replied "Let's talk".