Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War DLC Expansions Announced, Here's What They Add


The Middle-Earth Shadow of War Season Pass was today detailed by Warner Bros. and Monolith.

Don't feel like dropping $40 on the full expansion pass? But, word on the exact contents were lacking. The two tribe add-ons and Blade of Galadriel are all $15 each.

The second story expansion is called Desolation of Mordor, allowing players to step into the role of Baranor.

Players who purchased the $100 Gold Edition of Middle-earth: Shadow of War will get the DLC packs for no additional cost. The first of those is the Slaughter Tribe, who bring new missions, orcs, and a special new Slaughter Tribe fortress type.

New Slaughter tribe fortress with Overlord throne room, monuments and outposts. The Slaughter Orcs offer a deadly new challenge for players who might need an additional reason to return to the game. The Outlaw tribe is "home to the most rebellious warriors in Orc society".

Two pieces of DLC will be dedicated to adding new tribes.

Players can hunt down Legendary Outlaw tribe Orcs for a new Legendary gear set with additional upgrade challenges.

In December, the Outlaw Tribe will be released, bringing along a similar style of content, except the Outlaw Tribe orcs are more heavily focused on rebellion, keen to rebel against any and all rulers.

The game's first story expansion, "Blade of Galadriel" arrives in January 2018.

Wield Eltariel's dual Elven blades and harness the Light of Galadriel with a host of deadly new combat abilities, skills and gear. The expansion also adds new Nemesis characters like Flint and Tinder and the Slayer of the Dead. In addition to a new storyline, players will get to familiarize themselves with entirely new combat tools and encounters, while also getting the Eltariel skin for the main story. Desolation of Mordor is described as a "roguelike campaign" taking place in a new region, where Baranor leads the forces of men against another orc threat. There are a lot of new mechanics introduced in this expansion such as teaming up with Torvin, a Dwarven Hunter, to craft new gear. Available later on 2018, it also features a new area: the Desert of Lithlad.

Fight to survive in Mordor as a human without the power of a Ring or a wraith to cheat death in a new rogue-like campaign mode.

The Season Pass comes with the game's Gold Edition and is also available as a separate purchase for $39.99 Dollars.

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