Day Of The Dead Mexican Holiday Gets Google USA Logo Again


If you decide to attend any Day of the Dead festivities, chances are you'll see some of these items.

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is an integral part of the cultural and artistic landscape of Los Angeles.

Google celebrates Day of the Dead.

The celebration of the festival Dia de los Muertos (alternately known as Dia de Muertos and Dia de Todos Santos) corresponds to the observance of Hallowe'en (or the Feast of All Saints and All Souls) in other countries with significant Catholic populations. He attributes his business uptick to increased celebrations and the volume of wholesale orders for large, elaborate award winning public altars at cemetery events like Hollywood Forever where a single altar may use 1200 - 12,000 marigold stems.

"Here at a university campus, students are probably coming from areas where they have no idea what this is all about", Pruneda said.

"It's kind of a small market", Reed said.

Which is why the Diversity Council hosts an annual Day of the Dead celebration. "As a community, we have lost a Mustang, Robert Grays", Ramirez said. "This is a holiday that has really interesting culture".

Each year, the Day of the Dead grows more visible to people in the United States. "In New York or the East Coast, there's probably going to be more of an influx of Irish or European celebrations versus celebrations on the West Coast, which has a lot of Mexican influence".

12 South Texas artists and community members have created their own Dia de los Muertos altars, and it's a sight the public must see in person.

"We wanted to bring together the different cultures and have the different cultural aspects of each club shine through and bring awareness to VSU", Amber Baugh, president of the Spanish Club, said.

There will also be free pan de muerto [traditional bread] and hot chocolate, along with homemade candles for sale.

Schaufele said the celebration will include performances by campus groups, including Ballet Folklorico Azul y Oro and Mariachi ND.

Posole, she explained, is a chicken or pork soup with hominy. "Bones are very important to indigenous people", Guerrero said.

A DJ will play music for people to dance to. The decorated skulls, often made from clay or sugar, represent a soul.

He said the Day of the Dead is nearly part of being Mexican and an obligation to one's family/ancestors to always maintain a connection with them.

Several of the student organizations will also give an introductory course about the holiday tonight, Pruneda said.

It may just be superstition but why take a chance, "says Robert Rojas co-owner of Vinny's Wholesale Flowers one of several CFM Downtown LA wholesale flower market petalers reporting a healthy uptick in sales compared to Dia De Los Muertos previous year".

"Every year it's pretty cool to put their pictures on the altar", Pruneda said.

"It's really handsome", Reed said.